Thursday, July 21, 2011

Living from the Heart....

One sure way to live my life from my heart is to listen to it.

I've been caught up lately living my life by a list of unconscious "should do" instead of " want to". I've been living from the outside instead of in the deep place of my heart...where God is....passion & desire are rooted in this relationship.

I've been so busy setting up my new life since being back from Costa Rica that I feel my heart has wondered and I've lost my passion and desire and have had an empty ache that up until now was difficult to pinpoint.

Today the Lord spoke to my heart in the quiet place....."What is it you desire? It can only be found in your heart, it is the well-spring of Life...Guard Your Heart...
Streams of Living water will flow with My Love...that is what you desire. That was "I" you desire..I was whispering to your heart ....nothing you do for me, no ministry work, no good deed, can compare with simply spending time with your heart with me."

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Who wouldn't want that?

As I was sweeping the floor yesterday morning, a song of praise starting coming from my lips. I love to sing and I love to sing to the Lord. There’s just something so natural about expressing our love or our hearts in song to the Lord. As I continued to sweep, a thought came into my mind. It was kind of crazy but I began to see a correlation between massage and singing. Singing and massage are both something felt internally that manifests itself outwardly. Say what? For me, singing is an outward expression of the heart & massage is an outward expression of the heart. Both singing and massage are a release and they are good for us. Who doesn’t feel better after pouring their heart out in song ? As a christian, pouring out & releasing our heart in song to the Lord is pure. As we seek to worship Him, God receives it and inhabits the praises of His people. That means God shows up! We link up with His spirit within us. His presence is felt when we praise Him! It’s like clearing away the clutter in our lives we get caught up in so that God’s glory can be seen and felt. What about Paul and Silas singing praise songs to God in prison? Those shackles came right off! As for receiving a massage, it is good for releasing stored pain in the body in physical, emotional, & spiritual ways. It clears out the toxins so that we can be better.The list is long for the health benefits. So if this be the case, why are people reluctant to sing to the Lord or to receive a massage?
My thoughts took me back to some words that had once held me prisoner. They were words like unworthiness, not good enough, insecure, self-doubt, inferiority, & loneliness. It got me thinking that maybe some of the reason some people won’t take part in the “singing” at a church service & won’t “receive” a massage had something to do with these “feeling” words. Now don’t go thinking I’m making a blanket statement. This is from my perspective and something I myself have experienced in my own life. God used massage to heal me of some emotional wounds I was carrying. It was shortly after that time I became a massage therapist.
Some think you have to be a recording artist in order to sing publically. Singing publically is something one does in front of people and people listen to that person. However, singing worship songs is entirely different. Singing worship songs is worshiping the Lord. Singing worship songs are like prayer in some ways. It’s communicating heartfelt praise to God. That is all that matters. He knows you love Him, just show it! Some people think that since they can’t sing in tune, they shouldn’t sing at all. The real truth is that that doesn’t really matter. Some might say that they just like to hear the worship music and I suppose that works for some. I believe they miss a great deal by not putting their own voice in with those who are singing….those who are singing with their voice to the Lord. There is a time to listen that is worship, but this is not that time. We are told in scripture to make a joyful noise unto the Lord. And the reason being is because singing is an expression of the heart, an expression of your spirit in adoration to God. In Ephesians 5: 19 it says to “Speak to one another with psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs. Sing and make music in your heart to the Lord.” What this says to me is that when we sing to God with others , or sing to one another, the Lord strengthens us with His love, we strengthen one another too and it brings unity to the body of Christ & ultimately it shows the Lord how thankful we are to Him for everything! Are you sure you want to go on NOT singing at the worship portion at Sunday service? He wants to hear you because he wants your heart!
Now, with massage, some think that they don’t want to be touched because they don’t like to be touched. Where did this thought get into their mind? That can’t be really true. I think we all like to be touched. I’m talking about being touched in a healthy way. Massage is a healthy way to be touched. Studies show that newborns need to be touched right from birth to be healthy and to grow. We were made to be loved & to be touched. It is a human need. When Jesus walked this earth all who touched Him were healed & all who He touched were healed. (Matthew 14:36 ) Why would someone not want healing? That’s what massage is. Massage is healing. Somehow and somewhere those “feeling” words have a stronghold on them. Just maybe the person who doesn’t think they like to be touched, needs the healing touch of Jesus and then they would allow someone to touch them. That’s how it happened to me. Has anyone ever wiped your tears away? How did it make you feel? It took someone to reach out and touch your face. It took the love that is in them to express it to you. They wanted to share in your burden. Many a time I have had clients who after 5 minutes of massage have shed tears of healing because someone took the time to touch them. They also took the time to let someone in their life. They shared their burdens and were healed. Share in each other’s burdens and in this way fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2 I dare you to receive a massage and see if some healing begins to take place. Whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual, it will happen! Now, who wouldn’t want that?
The result of making a joyfully noise unto the Lord and allowing some healing with the touch of massage will replace the “feeling words” to some such as forgiveness, Love, confidence,strength, courage, an upright heart, deeper joy, genuine well-being, thankfulness & fullness of heart. Only God knows what you need. I pray that the next time the door opens for Sunday church, you will sing outloud to the Lord. I pray you will praise Him with all that is within your heart and see if God doesn’t show up with something for you. He’s already there even when we don’t feel him. I also pray that if you are reluctant to get a massage, that you will find a good christian massage therapist and go for it. You will never be the same. Do it for Him & do it for yourself, He needs you at your BEST to be your best!
Now, I repeat….who wouldn’t want that?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Glistening in the Son

Hebrews 4:13
Your Grace is like the ocean tide
Bringing up things to the shore
That are now easily seen.
For just a moment I see them
Asking for your forgiveness,
You alone know my heart
I feel your Love for me
Then, just as quickly as they came ashore,
You washed them Away-
Never to be seen again.

Some were large and some were small-
Just like the shells that drifted to shore
All carried forward
Touched by the Son
Glistening in the Sonshine
For our eyes to See
And yet....your love covers them ALL
Each in Turn
Disappearing completely
Visible no more.

Dear Lord God,
Thank you for always
Drawing us toward holiness.
We believe in your Love
That will never Let Go...
Psalm 32:1 & 103:12

Sunday, January 16, 2011

4th Pastor's conference

Just got home last night from the conference. I'm so grateful and blessed! I'm actually recuperating, reflecting, & just chillin at home today. The worship led by Rebecca quickly centered our focus in praise. Her voice and gentle & loving spirit does that so well! The teaching from Stuart & Jill Bricoe brought God's spirit, his presence of love, peace & understanding. I hung on every word Jill Briscoe spoke. It was as if she was talking directly to me. She talked about seeking wisdom and passing it on. She also touched my heart deeply when she talked about missing and worrying about her children and grandchildren as well as the balance of ministry and marriage in the ways the Lord had spoke to her and sustained her. What wisdom she imparted to us all. Stuart chose to speak on 2 Corinthians for the answers on "Sustainability in Ministry." It also happens to contain my favorite verses of scripture! We all have our favorite verses, right?(2 Cor. 4:16-18)
It was evident that the pastors and their wives were renewed in God's strength and in His power with alot of refreshment. Along with the excursions and massage, it nourished the whole person by challenging them physically as they explored God's beautiful creation, and massage to foster healing, relaxation, forgiveness and learning to be good to themselves. New friends were made & relationships restored. God is amazing in the work he does when God's people come together seeking His truth. This conference was different than the other 3 because it was all in English. Wow! To be apart of this ministry of helping Pastors and their spouses to get away from their daily lives to hear from God in a deliberate way by pulling them aside and loving them is far more valuable than I had ever known. These conferences help them in more ways then we know for sure. During the testimony time it was shared what the conference meant to them and how it will help them serve God with their whole heart, mind, & strength. What we do know is that their churches will be strengthened and with that strengthening, they will take that strength out to their community and the community will be strengthened and the community will grow because God is in it!
Like a stack of touch the first one and all will be touched right on down the line!
Thank you Lord for your Touch in our lives to serve you. Thank you Lord for your presence in and through these servants our yours. My prayer is that this conference will live out in ways beyond what I could dream of....ultimately saving the lives of many for your kingdom. Thank you for enriching our lives and thank you for the brothers and sisters of Christ laboring in your love.

In the quiet place

Wind of Change

"Feel that wind going by? I give it direction. It has a purpose. I give it purpose. It can't be seen quite yet, for the winds of change are producing something marvelous along it's path. Just ride it & feel it's affects. Before long, everything will settle into place."

In conclusion:
We see God's hand upon our lives, giving us direction for the purposes He has for ourselves and others. However, like the wind that moves, it can change direction at any time. God has a purpose for us each and every day. Marvel on the path He has for you today. To follow Him, be willing to change direction like the wind. You might not see clearly or understand, just be obedient to what He tells you today. Listen in the quiet place for His direction, it's there; even in the breath of wind.


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We are missionaries with The Brook Ministries in Costa Rica. We are here to help strengthen the church body of Jesus Christ & to fulfill His Great commission to the lost. At our conferences, my husband directs the recreational activities & excursions. I provide physical renewal with massage for the female attendees. We believe that regularly scheduled renewal of the body, mind, & spirit for ministry leaders in particular, will empower them to serve the Lord with renewed strength & perseverance to do what God has uniquely called them to do....SERVE & BUILD HIS CHURCH to the outermost parts of the world!